Leccinum versipelle · juosvažvynis raudonviršis

Leccinum testaceoscabrum, Boletus testaceoscaber EN · orange birch bolete DE · Birken-Rotkappe, Heide-Rotkappe, Schwarzschuppige Rotkappe LT · juosvažvynis raudonviršis LV · dzeltenbrūnā apšubeka PL · koźlarz pomarańczowożółty

Birch Bolete occurs throughout most of Europe and is also recorded from parts of North America. It is mildly toxic (causing nausea and vomiting) unless given proper heat treatment: frying or boiling for 15–20 minutes is considered necessary. As mentioned, the mushroom turns black when heated. Leccinum versipelle is generally considered to be a good edible mushroom and can be used in recipes that call for Ceps (Boletus edulis).