Armillaria mellea · paprastasis kelmutis

EN · honey fungus DE · Honiggelbe Hallimasch, Goldgelber Hallimasch, Stuppling LT · paprastasis kelmutis LV · parastā celmene PL · opieńka miodowa

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armillaria_mellea Armillaria mellea is widely distributed in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The fruit body or mushroom, commonly known as stump mushroom, stumpie, honey mushroom, pipinky or pinky, grows typically on hardwoods but may be found around and on other living and dead wood or in open areas. It is a plant pathogen and part of a cryptic species complex of closely related and morphologically similar species. It causes Armillaria root rot in many plant species and produces mushrooms around the base of trees it has infected. The symptoms of infection appear in the crowns of infected trees as discoloured foliage, reduced growth, dieback of the branches and death.

The mushrooms are edible, but some people may be intolerant to them.