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Elachista albifrontella · baltagalvė elachista

  • White-headed Grass-miner, White-headed Dwarf
  • valkopäähitukoi
  • baltagalvė elachista
  • Witkopgrasmineermot
  • vithövdad gräsmal, vithövdad gräsminerarmal

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elachista_albifrontella It is found in Europe. The wingspan is 8–9 mm. The head is white with a conspicuously whitish forehead. Forewings are blackish; a somewhat oblique fascia before middle, sometimes interrupted, a tornal spot, and a rather larger triangular costal spot beyond it white. Hindwings dark grey. The larva is yellow-whitish; head pale brown; 2 with three rows of brown dots. They are on wing from June to July in one generation per year. Larvae can be found from September to May. The larvae polyfagous, they mine the leaves of their host plant. Pupation takes place outside of the mine.

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