Pyrausta aurata · auksaspalvė pyrausta «Pyrausta aurata · auksaspalvė pyrausta^Thumbnails«Pyrausta aurata · auksaspalvė pyrausta^Thumbnails

Pyrausta aurata · auksaspalvė pyrausta

  • mint moth, Small Purple and Gold
  • Goldzünsler, Minzenmotte
  • auksaspalvė pyrausta
  • omacnica złotowianka, płomienka złotowianka
  • guldljusmott

This species can be found in most of Europe and it is also widespread in North Africa and North Asia. In the east it is present from Siberia to North China, Korea and Japan, in the south, it covers Asia Minor, the Middle East, Middle Asia and Mongolia. These moths inhabit chalk and limestone grassland, woodland, marshland and gardens. It is capable of having two generations in each season.

It flies both at day and at night. The mint moth often uses mint (Mentha spicata, Mentha rotundifolia) as a food plant, though it can also be found on other species such as marjoram, Salvia pratensis, Melissa officinalis, Nepeta cataria, Calamintha.

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