Plodia interpunctella · pietinis ugniukas ThumbnailsPlodia interpunctella · pietinis ugniukasThumbnailsPlodia interpunctella · pietinis ugniukasThumbnailsPlodia interpunctella · pietinis ugniukas

Plodia interpunctella · pietinis ugniukas

EN · Indian meal moth, weevil moth, pantry moth, flour moth, grain moth DE · Dörrobstmotte LV · pārtikas svilnis PL · omacnica spichrzanka

The species was named for feeding on Indian meal or cornmeal and does not occur natively in India. P. interpunctella larvae are a common grain-feeding pest found around the world, consuming cereals, fruits, and similar products, they also exibit cannibalism. The larvae of this species can bite through plastic and cardboard so even sealed containers may be infested. The last larval instar is also able to travel long distances before pupating; so, a new infestation site may develop far from the last pupation site. 4285

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