Wittia sororcula · gelsvoji kerpytė «Wittia sororcula · gelsvoji kerpytė^Thumbnails«Wittia sororcula · gelsvoji kerpytė^Thumbnails

Wittia sororcula · gelsvoji kerpytė

on Viburnum opulus

  • Eilema sororcula
  • orange footman
  • Dottergelbe Flechtenbärchen, Frühlings-Flechtenbär
  • gelsvoji kerpytė
  • zeltainais ķērpjlācītis
  • fałdówka siostrzyczka


It is found in Europe, Anatolia and further east across the Palearctic to southern Siberia and the Amur basin to China. The larvae feed on lichen on trees, both on conifers and on deciduous trees.

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