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Micropterix aruncella male · baltajuostė dantytoji kandis ♂

  • White-line Pollen-moth, White-barred Gold
  • juovaleukanen
  • baltajuostė dantytoji kandis
  • skrzydliniak rudogłowy
  • dubbelkäkmal, dubbelkäkfjäril

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micropterix_aruncella Found throughout mainland Europe except Bulgaria and Portugal. Flies in the daytime, V-VIII, wingspan 6-7 mm, The colour of the forewings is rather variable but is usually reddish golden. Females usually have no other markings but males are marked with two silvery white bands. The larva feeds on detritus at the base of herbaceous plants before pupating in a tough cocoon.

Like other members of the family, this species has functional jaws and it feeds as an adult on pollen grains from a wide variety of flowers including those of hawthorn (Crataegus), Cytisus, Lychnis, Pinus, Plantago, Rosa, Urtica, Veronica as well as numerous grasses.

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