Micropterix calthella · purieninė kandis «Micropterix calthella · purieninė kandis^Thumbnails«Micropterix calthella · purieninė kandis^Thumbnails

Micropterix calthella · purieninė kandis

  • Plain Gold, Plain Pollen-moth, Marsh Marigold moth
  • kultaleukanen
  • purieninė kandis
  • skrzydliniak rudogłowy
  • kärrkäkmal, kärrkäkfjäril

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micropterix_calthella Wingspan 8-10 mm, moth has metallic bronzy forewings, with distinctive purple bases. As adult, it feeds on pollen grains from a wide variety of plants. Eggs are laid amongst vegetation on the soil surface. They are translucent white turning grey, prior to hatching. The larvae feed on tender, young growth of herbacaeous plants and pupate in a tough, silken cocoon.

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