Limenitis camilla · mažasis juodmargis Limenitis camilla · mažasis juodmargisThumbnailsLimenitis camilla caterpillar · mažasis juodmargis, vikšras

Limenitis camilla · mažasis juodmargis

Ladoga camilla EN · white admiral DE · Kleiner Eisvogel, Kleiner Eisfalter LT · mažasis juodmargis LV · sausseržu raibenis PL · pokłonnik kamilla

The caterpillars feed on honeysuckles (Lonicera). The caterpillars are green with red-brown hairs and are camouflaged on a leaf by a mixture of their own droppings and silk. As autumn approaches it will form a tent-like structure made of leaf tissue which it then secures to the stem with silk before hibernating. The caterpillar will then awaken the following spring and after a brief spell of feeding will moult, then pupate during the summer, forming a green and gold chrysalis. After approximately two weeks the adult will emerge.
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