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Zygaena purpuralis · purpurinis marguolis

EN · transparent burnet DE · Thymian-Widderchen PL · kraśnik purpuraczek

Usually, the forewings show three bright red longitudinal streaks quite variable in shape, with almost transparent greyish-bluish edges. Hindwings are more extensively or almost completely bright red. Head and thorax are black, while the abdomen is dark blue. Larvae are yellow, with some lines of small black spots. The larvae feed on wild thyme (Thymus polytrichus, Thymus serpyllum, etc.). They occur from August to May and overwinter once or twice.
Zygaena minos (raženinis arba siauradryžis marguolis) is very similar to Zygaena purpuralis and only separable by genital preparation or by the larval foodplant.

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