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Balanus improvisus · jūrų gilė

EN · bay barnacle, European acorn barnacle DE · Brackwasser-Seepocke LT · jūrų gilė LV · parastā jūraszīle PL · pąkla niespodziewana Amphibalanus improvisus has a cosmopolitan distribution and is found in temperate and tropical parts of the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Baltic Sea the North Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. It is not known where the species' natural range lies but it may have originated in North America. It has colonised many parts of the world's oceans as a biofouling agent on the hulls of ships. It was one of the first recorded introductions to the Baltic Sea, having been found in Sweden and Lithuania in 1844, the Elbe estuary in 1854 and Great Britain in the 1880s. Amphibalanus improvisus is a filter feeder. It extends its six pairs of modified legs called cirri to catch plankton and other organic material floating past. It is a hermaphrodite.

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