Athalia rosae · rapsinis pjūklelis «Athalia rosae · rapsinis pjūklelis^Thumbnails«Athalia rosae · rapsinis pjūklelis^Thumbnails«Athalia rosae · rapsinis pjūklelis^Thumbnails

Athalia rosae · rapsinis pjūklelis

  • turnip sawfly
  • Rübsen-Blattwespe, Kohlrüben-Blattwespe
  • rapsinis pjūklelis
  • krustziežu zāģlapsene
  • gnatarz rzepakowiec

The adults feed on nectar visiting a range of flowers, often cruciferous plants and umbellifers. Females can oviposit large numbers of ova in a short time. Larvae feed on a wide range of cruciferous plants eating from holes in the leaf blade rather than at the margins. Larva are dark greeny-grey, or almost black (18-25 mm). The larva overwinters in the ground in a cocoon emerging in early summer as a 7–8 mm adult with a mainly orange body and a black head.

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