Porcellio spinicornis · vėdarėlis «Porcellio spinicornis · vėdarėlis^Thumbnails«Porcellio spinicornis · vėdarėlis^Thumbnails«Porcellio spinicornis · vėdarėlis^Thumbnails

Porcellio spinicornis · vėdarėlis

  • Brickwork Woodlouse, Painted Woodlouse
  • Dornfühlerassel, Schwarzkopfassel
  • keltatäpläsiira
  • zwartkoppissebed
  • prosionek pstry

It is found in a variety of habitats across Europe, including forests, grasslands, and rocky areas. It is also found in North America, where it has been introduced. Porcellio spinicornis is a medium-sized, typically around 10–15mm in length. It has a dark gray, brown, light brown or yellow coloration, with two rows of yellow blotches. The species has a glossy exoskeleton with slight granulation.

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