Lactarius torminosus · piengrybis paberžis «Lactarius torminosus · piengrybis paberžis^Thumbnails«Lactarius torminosus · piengrybis paberžis^Thumbnails«Lactarius torminosus · piengrybis paberžis^Thumbnails

Lactarius torminosus · piengrybis paberžis

A common and widely distributed species, it is found in North Africa, northern Asia, Europe, and North America. A mycorrhizal species, L. torminosus associates with various trees, most commonly birch, and its fruit bodies (mushrooms) grow on the ground singly or in groups in mixed forests.

The caps of L. torminosus mushrooms are convex with a central depression and attain a diameter of up to 10 cm. A blend of pink and ochre hues, the cap sometimes has concentric zones of alternating lighter and darker shades. The edge of the cap is rolled inward, and shaggy when young. On the underside of the cap are narrow flesh-colored gills that are crowded closely together.

Although it is valued for its peppery flavour and eaten after suitable preparation or salted and pickled in Finland and Eastern Europe, the species is highly irritating to the digestive system when eaten raw. The toxins, also responsible for the strongly bitter or acrid taste, are destroyed by cooking. Some authorities suggest that the Woolly Milkcap should be treated as poisonous.

Auga liepos–spalio mėnesiais lapuočių, mišriuose miškuose. Sudaro mikorizę su beržais. Randamas vasarą ir rudenį. Lietuvoje dažnas, visur paplitęs ir grybautojų mėgstamas grybas. Valgomas, II kategorijos, sūdomas ar marinuojamas, tačiau prieš tai patartina keletą valandų pamirkyti šaltame vandenyje. 2102

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