Cortinarius trivialis · gyvatkotis nuosėdis «Cortinarius trivialis · gyvatkotis nuosėdis^Thumbnails«Cortinarius trivialis · gyvatkotis nuosėdis^Thumbnails«Cortinarius trivialis · gyvatkotis nuosėdis^Thumbnails

Cortinarius trivialis · gyvatkotis nuosėdis

EN · girdled webcap DE · Natternstieliger Schleimfuß LT · gyvatkotis nuosėdis LV · parastā tīmeklene PL · zasłonak pospolity Cap 3-11 cm; bell-shaped or convex, becoming broadly bell-shaped; thickly slimy; bald; orangish brown to yellowish brown. Gills attached to the stem; close; pale clay or faintly lilac colored at first, becoming brownish or rusty brown. Stem 5-12 cm long; 1-2 cm thick; equal or tapering a little to the base; covered with clear or whitish slime when fresh; shaggy and "belted" or obscurely zoned with whitish to brownish scales, especially over the lower half; whitish above, orange-brown to brownish below; sometimes with a rusty ring zone.

This mushroom is generally regarded as 'suspect' and may contain dangerous toxins; it should not be gathered for eating.

Nevalgomas. 2116

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