Sonchus arvensis · dirvinė pienė «Sonchus arvensis · dirvinė pienė^Thumbnails«Sonchus arvensis · dirvinė pienė^Thumbnails«Sonchus arvensis · dirvinė pienė^Thumbnails

Sonchus arvensis · dirvinė pienė

EN · field milk thistle, field sowthistle, perennial sow-thistle, corn sow thistle, dindle, gutweed, swine thistle, tree sow thistle
DE · Acker-Gänsedistel
LT · dirvinė pienė
LV · tīruma mīkstpiene
PL · mlecz polny
Sonchus arvensis is native to Eurasia, where it is widespread across most of the continent. It has also become naturalized in many other regions and is considered an invasive noxious weed in some places. It grows in areas such as pastures, roadsides, bushlands and the shorelines of lakes, rivers and seacoast.

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