Adela reaumurella · žalioji ilgaūsė makštinė kandis ♀ ^Thumbnails^Thumbnails^Thumbnails

Adela reaumurella · žalioji ilgaūsė makštinė kandis ♀

Adela viridella
EN · green longhorn
DE · Grüne Langfühlermotte
The upper wings of both sexes are bronzy or metallic greenish, close along the body. The hind wings are dark brown with a bronze-violet shine. The males have very long thread-shaped whitish antennas, forward-facing and reaching about four times the length of the body. They have very developed eyes and rough black hair on their heads and thorax. The females have relatively short antennas with shorter and lighter hair on their heads. They have also a few orange hairs between the eyes.

The caterpillars live among fallen leaves from birch and oak and feed on leaves remains, forming mines on them. They protect themselves for the summer and winter in an oblong, brown bag-like structure of small pieces of fallen leaves. In this bag also the pupation takes place the following spring.

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