Onnia tomentosa · vilnotoji pintelė ^Thumbnails»Onnia tomentosa · vilnotoji pintelė^Thumbnails»Onnia tomentosa · vilnotoji pintelė^Thumbnails»Onnia tomentosa · vilnotoji pintelė

Onnia tomentosa · vilnotoji pintelė

Inonotus tomentosum EN · velvet rosette, woolly velvet polypore DE · Gestielter Filzporling, Filziger Dauerporling, Filziger Porling, Gestielter Schillerporling LV · samtainā onnija PL · szczeciniak filcowaty, huba kutnerowata, żagiew kutnerowata

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onnia_tomentosa It is frequently found in coniferous forests at higher altitudes, often growing in large groups, rather rare at lower altitudes. Saprotrophic and also is a plant pathogen, and causes tomentosus root rot, primarily in spruce. The cap is flat when young, with a blunt, rounded and yellowish-white margin, later with a slightly depressed centre and contoured in a wave pattern towards the rim, which has a rather sharp edge when old. It is covered in felt that is grey when young and rusty brown when old, up to 10 cm in diameter. The stem, if present, is short and thick, and dark brown to near-black; the caps may also grow directly on the base of a tree. The flesh is ochre brown under the cap surface, softer above, and hard and fibrous below. The species is inedible. 9726

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