Amanita rubescens · rausvoji musmirė ^Thumbnails»Amanita rubescens · rausvoji musmirė^Thumbnails»Amanita rubescens · rausvoji musmirė^Thumbnails»Amanita rubescens · rausvoji musmirė

Amanita rubescens · rausvoji musmirė

  • blushing amanita
  • Perlpilz, Rötende Wulstling
  • rausvoji musmirė
  • sarkstošā mušmire
  • muchomor czerwieniejący It is found in Europe and eastern North America. Both their scientific and common names are derived from the propensity of their flesh to turn pink on bruising or cutting. The mushroom is edible when cooked. It is recognizable by its pinkish color on the bottom of the stem. It should be avoided by novice mushroomers as without knowledge it can be confused with deadly poisonous species.

Valgoma, bet geriau nerinkti, panaši į labai nuodingą margąją musmirę · Amanita pantherina 9891

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