Phallus impudicus · paprastoji poniabudė ^Thumbnails»Phallus impudicus · paprastoji poniabudė^Thumbnails»Phallus impudicus · paprastoji poniabudė^Thumbnails»Phallus impudicus · paprastoji poniabudė

Phallus impudicus · paprastoji poniabudė

EN · common stinkhorn DE · Gemeine Stinkmorchel LT · paprastoji poniabudė LV · parastie zemestauki PL · sromotnik smrodliwy It is a common mushroom in Europe and North America, where it occurs in habitats rich in wood debris such as forests and mulched gardens. The fruiting structure is tall and white with a slimy, dark olive colored conical head. Known as the gleba, this material contains the spores, and is transported by insects which are attracted by the odor - described as resembling carrion.

At the egg stage, pieces of the inner layer (the receptaculum) can be cut out with a knife and eaten raw. They are crisp and crunchy with an attractive radishy taste. The fungus is enjoyed and eaten in France and parts of Germany, where it may be sold fresh or pickled and used in sausages. 0985

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