Calocera viscosa · lipnusis tampriagrybis ^Thumbnails»Calocera viscosa · lipnusis tampriagrybis^Thumbnails»Calocera viscosa · lipnusis tampriagrybis^Thumbnails»Calocera viscosa · lipnusis tampriagrybis

Calocera viscosa · lipnusis tampriagrybis

  • yellow stagshorn
  • Klebriger Hörnling, Ziegenbart, Zwergerlfeuer, Klebriges Schönhorn
  • lipnusis tampriagrybis
  • lipīgā kalocera, lipīgā zaraine
  • pięknoróg największy It has bright orange, yellow or occasionally white branching basidiocarps, which are somewhat gelatinous in texture and slimy to the touch (hence the specific name). It is relatively large for a jelly fungus and can reach up to ten centimetres in height. It is widespread and common, and its bright colour makes it stand out in its habitat. It grows on decaying conifer wood, typically stumps and roots, although this may not be obvious if the wood is covered in leaf litter. It fruits throughout the year but is most commonly seen in autumn.

It is not poisonous, but it's tough gelatinous texture and nondescript taste and odour make it unattractive as a food. However, its striking colour has led to it being used as a garnish on occasion.

Auga vasarą ir rudenį, pavieniui, miškuose, ypač spygliuočių, dažniausiai ant įsisterpusios ar žemėje samanų pasislėpusios medienos, taip pat ant žemės. Vaisiakūniai 3-6 cm aukščio, mažai šakoti, kiekvienos šakelės viršūnėlės su keliais danteliais, tamprūs, lipnūs, glitūs, gelsvi, gelsvai oranžiniai, lyg liepsnelės tarp samanų. Trama tampri, gelsvai oranžinė, be ypatingo kvapo ir skonio. Valgomas, menkavertis. Dažnas, bet negausus. 5958

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