Leccinum variicolor · kislusis raudonviršis «Leccinum variicolor · kislusis raudonviršis^Thumbnails«Leccinum variicolor · kislusis raudonviršis^Thumbnails«Leccinum variicolor · kislusis raudonviršis^Thumbnails

Leccinum variicolor · kislusis raudonviršis

  • mottled bolete
  • Vielverfärbende Birkenpilz, Verschiedenfarbiger, Gefleckter Raufuß
  • kislusis raudonviršis
  • raibā bērzubeka
  • koźlarz różnobarwny

https://www.first-nature.com/fungi/leccinum-variicolor.php It is found in Europe and in many parts of North America. Appearing under birch trees, usually in mossy woodlands or on wet heathland, this summer and autumn fungus has a distinctive mottled cap. The cap colour ranges from almost white through various mid and dark browns to almost black.

Leccinum variicolor is generally considered to be a good edible mushroom and can be used in recipes that call for Ceps (Boletus edulis); although in both flavour and texture a Cep is superior. 6251

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