Russula betularum · beržyninė ūmėdė «Russula betularum · beržyninė ūmėdė^Thumbnails«Russula betularum · beržyninė ūmėdė^Thumbnails«Russula betularum · beržyninė ūmėdė^Thumbnails

Russula betularum · beržyninė ūmėdė

  • Russula emetica var. betularum
  • birch brittlegill
  • Birken-Spei-Täubling
  • gołąbek brzozowy Russula betularum appears in summer and early autumn. It is widespread in Europe, also found in northeast of North America. It is probably mycorrhizal with birch trees, often grows in damp places in woodlands. R. betularum is a small delicate species, 2–5 cm in diameter and it is bright pink, soon developing white patches, and often ending up pure white. The flesh tastes very hot and a sure-fire test is to peel the cap skin carefully when it comes off complete you are looking at R. betularum. The stem is white, very fragile and typically longer than the diameter of the cap. The gills are white.

This mushroom is inedible and has a hot 'peppery' taste. Many bitter tasting red-capped species can cause problems if eaten raw. 6257

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