Leccinum scabrum · lepšė ^Thumbnails»Leccinum scabrum · lepšė^Thumbnails»Leccinum scabrum · lepšė^Thumbnails»Leccinum scabrum · lepšė

Leccinum scabrum · lepšė

Boletus scaber EN · rough-stemmed bolete, scaber stalk, birch bolete DE · Gemeine Birkenpilz, Birkenröhrling, Birken-Röhrling, Kapuziner, Geißpilz LT · lepšė, lepšis, paberžis, težiukas LV · parastā bērzubeka PL · koźlarz babka

The birch bolete is widespread in Europe, in the Himalayas in Asia, and elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere, occurring only in mycorrhizal association with birch trees. This mushroom is also becoming increasingly common in Australia and New Zealand where it is likely introduced.

In young specimens, the meat is relatively firm, but it very soon becomes spongy and holds water, especially in rainy weather. When cooked, the meat of the birch bolete turns black. 6262

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