Amanita verna · baltoji musmirė ^Thumbnails»Amanita verna · baltoji musmirė^Thumbnails»Amanita verna · baltoji musmirė^Thumbnails»Amanita verna · baltoji musmirė

Amanita verna · baltoji musmirė

  • fool's mushroom, spring destroying angel
  • Frühlings-Knollenblätterpilz
  • baltoji musmirė
  • muchomor wiosenny It is one of the most poisonous mushrooms in the world. Just like the death cap, this organism contains a fatal dose of alpha-amanitin, which causes liver failure if not treated immediately. There are no negative symptoms from eating this fungus until 6–24 hours after ingestion. The first symptom is simply unease. Violent cramps and diarrhea follow. On the third day, the same symptoms repeat themselves, but while to many this may seem like a sign of recovery, most of the time it is simply a herald of the final onset of symptoms, which include kidney and liver failure due to amatoxins. At this point, drastic measures like liver transplants need to be taken, or the victim would most likely die.

Occurring in Europe in spring, A. verna associates with various deciduous and coniferous trees. The caps, stipes and gills are all white in colour.

Mirtinai nuodinga. Galima numirti suvalgius vieną grybą. Simptomai panašūs į žalsvosios musmirės. 5233

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