Sesia apiformis · tuopinis stiklasparnis ThumbnailsThumbnailsThumbnails

Sesia apiformis · tuopinis stiklasparnis

Aegeria apiformis EN · hornet moth, hornet clearwing DE · Hornissen-Glasflügler, Bienen-Glasflügler LV · lielais apšu stiklspārnis PL · przeziernik osowiec

Its protective coloration is an example of Batesian mimicry, as its similarity to a hornet makes it unappealing to predators. The hornet moth has been linked to the large dieback of poplar trees across Europe because its larvae bore into the trunk of the tree before re-emerging as adults. The larvae hatch from September to May and spend two or three years in the larval stage, overwintering as larvae.

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