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Rubus saxatilis fruit · paprastoji katuogė, vaisius

EN · stone bramble
DE · Steinbeere
LT · paprastoji katuogė
LV · klinšu kaulene
PL · malina kamionka
It is a species of bramble widespread across Europe and Asia from Iceland and Spain east as far as China. It has also been found in Greenland.
The stone bramble is a perennial plant with biennial stems which die after fruiting in their second year. It sends out long runners which root at the tip to form new plants. The stems are rough with many small spines. The alternate leaves are stalked. Each leaf consists of three oval leaflets with serrated margins, the terminal leaflet having a short stalk and the other two being slightly smaller. The inflorescence is a few-flowered corymb. The calyx of each flower has five sepals, and the corolla is composed of five narrow white petals. There is a bunch of stamens and there are several pistils. The fruit is an aggregate of several red, fleshy drupes. The stone bramble can form dense clumps, spreading by means of its runners. It can also spread by seed as its edible fruit are eaten by birds which deposit the seeds elsewhere in their droppings. It flourishes in damp woods and rough places and can grow vigorously in clearings created by felling trees.

The berries are edible raw or cooked, and have an acid flavour, but are agreeable to the palate.

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