Daphne mezereum · paprastasis žalčialunkis «Daphne mezereum · paprastasis žalčialunkis^Thumbnails«Daphne mezereum · paprastasis žalčialunkis^Thumbnails«Daphne mezereum · paprastasis žalčialunkis^Thumbnails

Daphne mezereum · paprastasis žalčialunkis

EN · mezereon, February daphne, spurge laurel, spurge olive
DE · Echte Seidelbast, Echt-Seidelbast, Gewöhnlicher Seidelbast, Kellerhals
LT · paprastasis žalčialunkis
LV · parastā zalktene
PL · wawrzynek wilczełyko

Daphne mezereum is very toxic because of the compounds mezerein and daphnin present especially in the berries and twigs. If poisoned, victims experience a choking sensation. Handling the fresh twigs can cause rashes and eczema in sensitive individuals. Despite this, it is commonly grown as an ornamental plant in gardens for its attractive flowers.

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