Blaniulus guttulatus · raudontaškis šimtakojis «Blaniulus guttulatus · raudontaškis šimtakojis^Thumbnails

Blaniulus guttulatus · raudontaškis šimtakojis

  • spotted snake millipede
  • Gefleckte Doppelfüßer, Getüpfelter Tausendfuß, Tüpfeltausendfuß
  • krocionóg krwawoplamy It is found in Central and Western Europe (except for Portugal) and has been introduced in North America. The spotted snake millipede is long and thin, with a whitish or cream-coloured body and conspicuous deep red spots (ozadenes) on each segment. The males are typically 8–12 mm long and 0.4 mm wide. Females are slightly larger, ranging from 12–15 mm by 0.5 mm. It lacks eyes, and has short setae on the dorsal margin of each segment.‥

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