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Nectria cinnabarina · paprastasis raudonspuogis

EN · coral spot DE · Zinnoberroter Pustelpilz LT · paprastasis raudonspuogis LV · cinobrsarkanā nektrija PL · gruzełek cynobrowy It is a plant pathogen that causes cankers on broadleaf trees. This disease is polycyclic and infects trees in the cool temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. N. cinnabarina is typically saprophytic but will act as a weak parasite if presented with an opportunity via wounds in the tree or other stressors that weaken the tree's defense to the disease. This complex consists of at least 4 distinct species. There are only a few ways to manage this disease with techniques such as sanitation and pruning away branches that have the cankers.

Vaisiakūniai apvalūs, jų dydis 0,2-2 cm, iš pradžių rožinės, vėliau raudonos spalvos. Auga grupėmis, tankiai suaugę, ant ką tik nukirstų, kartais ant stovinčių lapuočių medžių. Plačiai paplitęs visoje Europoje. 7630

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