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Clitocybe phyllophila · vaškinė tauriabudė

  • Clitocybe cerussata, Clitocybe dilatata, Clitocybe tornata, Clitocybe pithyophila, Agaricus tornatus
  • Frosty Funnel
  • vaškinė tauriabudė
  • lapu piltuvene
  • Bleiweiße Firnis-Trichterling
  • lejkówka liściowa

This very poisonous funnel contains the toxin muscarine. An infrequent find in both coniferous and deciduous broadleaf woodland, these pretty funnels are translucent when viewed from beneath in sunlight. The frosted nature of the cap is best seen on young specimens during dry weather. This is a 5 to 10 cm white or creamy coloured fungus that may be fairly flat at first but tends to become funnel shaped. The cap develops ochre patches with age. The flesh has a pleasant fruity smell. The stem grows to 8cm and has a swollen, downy base. 0117

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