Hydaticus seminiger · samandusė «Hydaticus seminiger · samandusė^Thumbnails«Hydaticus seminiger · samandusė^Thumbnails«Hydaticus seminiger · samandusė^Thumbnails

Hydaticus seminiger · samandusė

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ukbeetles.co.uk/hydaticus-seminiger Adults 13.0-14.5mm and distinctive colouration; black with pale borders to the pronotum and elytra. Head black with the anterior margin and two small maculae between the eyes pale, very finely punctured and microsculptured, antennae and palps pale or darkened apically. Pronotum dark with broad lateral and anterior margins the surface very finely microsculptured and with series of large punctures towards the margins. Elytra black with pale margins from the shoulders to the posterior third, in outline broader and more rounded towards the apex in the female. Legs dark to pale brown. Terminal segment of pro- and meso-tarsi very long, protarsal claws equal, long and strongly curved at the base, metatarsal claws unequal, the outer claw about half the length of the inner claw. Basal segments of male pro-tarsi widely dilated.‥

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