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Anastrangalia dubia · spygliuotinis žieduolis

Leptura dubia DE · Schwarzgesaumte Schmalbock, Schwarzrandiger Schmalbock PL · zmorsznik jodłowiec Genders and variations of this species could have different colours. That way, the species can come as black, brown, or red coloured. Usually head, antennae, pronotum and legs are black. In the males the elytrae may be yellow-brown with a dark elytral suture and a more or less broad dark elytral edge, while in the females they are reddish-brown with or without blackish edges. Completely black specimens are more common in females, while in the males they are quite rare. Larvae of these of wood-boring beetles feed on dead wood, dead branches and tree stumps of various deciduous and coniferous trees (mainly fir, pine and spruce). The development requires two to three years. The adults fly from May to August.
Subfamily: Lepturinae · grakštenėnai

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