Cortodera femorata · pušinis skujagraužis ^Thumbnails»Cortodera femorata · pušinis skujagraužis^Thumbnails»Cortodera femorata · pušinis skujagraužis^Thumbnails»Cortodera femorata · pušinis skujagraužis

Cortodera femorata · pušinis skujagraužis

  • Leptura femorata
  • Schwarzer Tiefaugenbock
  • Käpyjäärä
  • pušinis skujagraužis, kelminis ūsuotis
  • ziemioródka skryta
  • Grankottsbock

The beetle lives mainly in coniferous forests and clear-cuts. The adults can be found from May to June. They are diurnal and fly mainly on sunny days. Larvae develop mainly in fallen cones of pine (Pinus) and spruce (Picea). The eggs are probably laid on the pine cones that have already fallen. Alternatively, the development of the larvae has been described in the fresh humus layer in the soil. Pupation takes place in the cone or in the soil, and the larvae prepare a pupal chamber for this purpose, in which they overwinter and pupate in the spring.

Subfamily: Lepturinae · grakštenėnai

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