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Bruchus rufimanus · pupinis grūdinukas

  • broadbean weevil, broadbean beetle, broadbean seed beetle
  • Ackerbohnenkäfer
  • pupu sēklgrauzis
  • strąkowiec bobowy
Originally native through much of Africa this species is now more or less cosmopolitan in distribution and common or abundant throughout most of its range; having been transported worldwide along with food products it is now considered to be a serious pest of a wide range of legume crops in Europe, North Africa and North America.

B. rufimanus is univoltine. It reproduces in spring in faba bean crops, lays eggs on the young pods, develops in the growing seeds and overwinters as adults in shelters, or in diapause as larva or pupa diapause in the stored seeds.

The elytra are grey-brown, flecked with white, and are shorter than the body. The antennae are orange at the base, and whilst the front legs are reddish, the middle legs are black. The pronotum has a relatively dense covering of scale-like hairs. 1515

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