Clytra quadripunctata · keturtaškė klitra «Clytra quadripunctata · keturtaškė klitra^Thumbnails

Clytra quadripunctata · keturtaškė klitra

EN · four spotted leaf beetle
DE · Vierpunktiger Ameisen-Sackkäfer
LT · keturtaškė klitra
PL · moszenica czterokropka

Adults feed on alder, hawthorn, blackthorn, birch, oak and willow and visit a variety of flowers. Females drop eggs onto the ground, these will picked up by ants and taken into their nests where the larvae will develop feeding upon detritus and the remains of insects brought back by the ants but they are also predatory, feeding upon the eggs and early stages of the ants. Usual host is the wood ant Formica rufa.

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