Galeruca tanaceti · kraujažolinis grublys «Galeruca tanaceti female · kraujažolinis grublys ♀^Thumbnails»Galeruca tanaceti female · kraujažolinis grublys ♀

Galeruca tanaceti · kraujažolinis grublys

  • Black-punctured Leaf Beetle
  • Rainfarn-Blattkäfer
  • rozdestnica wrotyczówka

Adults can be found between June and August persisting until October. Eggs are laid during September or October. They are attached to a leaf, a stem or flowers of dry grasses and other herbaceous plants and are protected by the secretion of these beetle. The larvae emerge only after the winter, at the end of April and during May. Pupation occurs in the ground during late May or June.

Beetles and larvae are polyphagous, feeding on Asteraceae (Tanacetum vulgare, Achillea millefolium, Centaurea nigra, Tussilago, Cirsium arvense), Brassicaceae (Cardamine pratensis, Sinapis arvensis) and other plants.‥

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