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Hippodamia variegata · raiboji boružė

  • Adonia variegata
  • Adonis ladybird, variegated ladybug, spotted amber ladybeetle
  • Variabler Flach-Marienkäfer
  • raiboji boružė
  • mainīgā purvmārīte
  • czerwonka baldaszkówka

This species is native in the Palearctic, but has also spread to the Nearctic and Oriental region. This species mainly inhabits fields, meadows, gardens and shrubs, more than bushes and trees. It prefers dry, rough vegetation.

Hippodamia variegata grow up to 3–5.5 mm. These beetles have a slightly convex and rather elongated body. The first segment of the anterior legs of males is greatly expanded. Head is black, with dark eyes and white spots. Pronotum is black, with a white-yellowish border and a central black mask shaped marking. Elytra are red or orange, with a very variable number of black points (from zero up to thirteen). One black spot surrounded by white is located on the scutellum. The legs are blackish brown, with brown ends. The underside of the body is black.

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