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Larinus turbinatus · straubliukas

  • Turbine Cylindrical Weevil
  • Kratzdistelrüssler
  • opylak żółtawy The females lay five to six eggs per day, each on one flower bud. If occurs that several females lay the egg on the same flower head, the stronger larvae kill the weaker larvae, so that at the last larval stage, there is usually only one larva per flower. Pupation also takes place in the thistle blossom. These weevils are oligophagous on various thistle species of the genera Carduus and Cirsium.

This species is native to western Palaearctic and it is present in southern and central Europe, Caucasus, western Russia, Asia Minor, Central Asia, Siberia and North Africa. It has been introduced in United States. These warmth-loving weevils manly occur on open, warm slopes, in grassland, wet meadows and pastures, where thistles are also present.

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