Sciaphilus asperatus · raktažolinis straubliukas «Sciaphilus asperatus · raktažolinis straubliukas^Thumbnails»Sciaphilus asperatus · raktažolinis straubliukas

Sciaphilus asperatus · raktažolinis straubliukas

  • Sciaphilus lucidulus
  • strawberry root weevil
  • Borstige Wurzelrüssler
  • Sukaskeräkärsäkäs
  • raktažolinis straubliukas
  • Skuggvivel It is a species of weevil native to Europe. Larvae develop in spring and summer, as this beetle typically overwinters in its adult stage. Females lay between 450 and 700 eggs in the wild.

Snout no longer than head, blunt-tipped. Body light brown to reddish-brown with extensive black speckling and scattered white scales. Elytra with black punctate striations and short erect hairs; brown surface scales often become rubbed off, revealing black ground color in places.

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