Dexiosoma caninum · dygliamusė «Dexiosoma caninum · dygliamusė^Thumbnails«Dexiosoma caninum · dygliamusė^Thumbnails«Dexiosoma caninum · dygliamusė^Thumbnails

Dexiosoma caninum · dygliamusė

DE · Engerling-Raupenfliege
PL · wyniuch pędrakowiec
Adults fly from June to September and characteristically sit on low foliage such as Bracken fronds and bramble leaves. They do not appear to visit flowers and the mouthparts are small. The larvae of this fly are parasitic on the larvae of the Common Cockchafer.

det. Erikas Lutovinovas

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  • Erikas - 2021-12-25 23:47:21
    Dexiosoma caninum