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Rhagio lineola · slankmusė

det. Erikas Lutovinovas

It is a Palearctic species with a limited distribution in Europe. Often found on leaves of undergrowth in woodland. The flight season is long, from May until October. It is typically encountered in wet woods and carr, especially where Alder and willows are growing. Larvae have been found in woodland soil. The adult is a predator of smaller flies and other insects whilst its larvae feed on earthworms and beetle larvae.

Rhagio lineola is a small species (6 mm.). The legs are mainly yellowish, with a broad brown band on the fore and hind femora. The body is covered with short, yellowish hairs. The scutellum is yellow, grey at the base. The thorax is uniformly grey, and the wing has a solid dark blackish stigma. The abdomen is yellow with dark spots on the tergites. The frons is silvery-grey.

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