Syrphus vitripennis · žiedmusė «Syrphus vitripennis · žiedmusė^Thumbnails»Anthophila · bitės

Syrphus vitripennis · žiedmusė

EN · glass-winged Syrphus
DE · Kleine Schwebfliege
PL · mszycznik żółtoczarny
Frons above lunulae black. Tergites 3 and 4 with entire yellow bands and lateral margin of tergites black. Male: femora 3 black for basal three-quarters. Female: femora 3 black on basal two-thirds.
The larvae feed on aphids and are considered a useful garden species for this reason.

On Stellaria holostea - ant krūmokšninės žliūgės.

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