Lasioglossum calceatum female · vagabitė ♀ «Lasioglossum calceatum male · vagabitė ♂^Thumbnails«Lasioglossum calceatum male · vagabitė ♂^Thumbnails«Lasioglossum calceatum male · vagabitė ♂^Thumbnails

Lasioglossum calceatum female · vagabitė ♀

or Lasioglossum albipes?

Lasioglossum calceatum is a Palearctic species of sweat bee. The species is socially polymorphic, with northern populations being solitary while southern populations exhibit eusocial behavior.

The medium-sized females have a carinate propodeum (with strongly angulated upper corners), roundish face and translucent-brown hind margins to the tergites which allows the underlying white tomentum of the next tergite to show through butwith an orange tint. The punctures of the upper clypeus and supraclypeal plate are more densely punctate than other carinate Lasioglossum's except L. albipes. It can be separated from albipes by the rounder face, the shinier and darker abdomen (which never has a strong bloom), and the more widely separated lateral ridges on tergite 1. It also averages larger and has a brighter orange-brown hair pile on top of the thorax.

The more narrowly built males have much longer, entirely black antennae and an abdomen that varies from all-black to extensively red at the base. They can resemble males of L. albipes but average larger, have a more rounded face and more conspicuous patches of tomentum on the base of tergites 2 and 3. the labrum is typically dark (pale in albipes) but is ccasionally pale.

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