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Polistes nimpha · pievinė popiervapsvė

  • Heide-Feldwespe
  • Soo-kärjeherilane
  • ketoneuliainen
  • pievinė popiervapsvė
  • klecanka polna
  • hedpappersgeting, större pappersgeting

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polistes_nimpha It is a eusocial paper wasp found all over Europe, in northern Africa, Pakistan, Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China. Polistes nimpha prefer low and relatively warm, uncultivated lands. The wasps prefer to nest on plants, under eaves of roofs and buildings, and in closed areas. Colonies with only one female foundress reside on vegetation, while colonies with two or more female foundresses are usually found in covered and sheltered areas.

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