Archips podana male · visaėdis archipsas Archips podana caterpillar · visaėdis archipsas, vikšrasThumbnailsArchips podana caterpillar · visaėdis archipsas, vikšrasThumbnails

Archips podana male · visaėdis archipsas

EN · large fruit-tree tortrix DE · Eschenzwieselwickler PL · zwójka rdzaweczka Larvae can be found from July to early May and are polyphagous, feeding on trees and shrubs, such as apple (Malus species), pear (Pyrus species), cherry, plum (Prunus species) and sometimes conifers (Coniferae). Larvae feed on both surfaces of the leaf for a few days, before dispersing, when they spin a fine web and feed on the underside of a leaf. On first ecdysis, the larvae feed on the skin of the fruit, spinning a leaf for shelter. They continue to feed until the fruit is picked, or falls to the ground, and overwinter in a silken hibernaculum on a twig. In the spring, as a fourth instar, they feed on the opening buds, often boring into them, and later between two or more spun leaves. They pupate in the larval habitation. 1791

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