Tortricidae · lapsukiai

≡ Olethreutidae EN · tortrix moths, leafroller moths DE · Wickler LT · lapsukiai LV · tinēju dzimta PL · zwójkowate, zwójki, zwójkówki

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tortricidae The typical resting posture is with the wings folded back, producing a rather rounded profile. Tortricid eggs are often flattened and scale-like. Larvae in the subfamilies Chlidanotinae and Olethreutinae usually feed by boring into stems, roots, buds, or seeds. Larvae in the subfamily Tortricinae, however, feed externally and construct leaf rolls. Larvae in the subfamily Tortricinae tend to be more polyphagous than those in Chlidanotinae and Olethreutinae.