Tetrix undulata · pelkinis šokliukas «Tetrix undulata · pelkinis šokliukas^Thumbnails«Tetrix undulata · pelkinis šokliukas^Thumbnails

Tetrix undulata · pelkinis šokliukas


  • common ground-hopper
  • Gemeine Dornschrecke
  • pelkinis šokliukas
  • purvu sīksisenis
  • skakun fałdowany

T. undulata is essentially a European species. The habitat is usually moister grasslands such as meadows and marshes, but it may also occur in drier areas. In dry environments, however, it usually keeps to humid and cooler places, and in wet environments it tends to stick to drier areas. Food consists mainly of mosses and algae. Development from egg to adult may take one or two years, with over-wintering as nymphs or imagos. As with other ground-hoppers, communication between males and females is largely with visual signals.

Tetrix undulata has a body length of 6–12 mm; females are usually slightly larger than the males. The colour scheme varies between different individuals and different morphs are present, from darker brownish to lighter yellow-white. Individuals with predominantly light colour often have a darker pattern.

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