Decticus verrucivorus female · margasis žiogas ♀ «Decticus verrucivorus female · margasis žiogas ♀^Thumbnails«Decticus verrucivorus female · margasis žiogas ♀^Thumbnails«Decticus verrucivorus female · margasis žiogas ♀^Thumbnails

Decticus verrucivorus female · margasis žiogas ♀

  • wart-biter
  • Warzenbeißer
  • margasis žiogas, karpagraužis žiogas
  • pļavu dižsienāzis
  • łatczyn brodawnik This species occurs throughout continental Europe, except the extreme south, ranging from southern Scandinavia to Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece. It is also found in temperate Asia, as far east as China. Wart-biters need a mosaic of vegetation, including bare ground/short turf, grass tussocks, and a sward rich in flowering forbs. They prefer areas that are not heavily grazed. The species is thermophilous, and tends to occur on sites with a southerly aspect.

Adult wart-biters are 31–37 mm, with females being significantly larger than males. They are typically dark green in colour, usually with dark brown blotches on the pronotum and wings (a dark brown morphotype also occurs). The female has a long and slightly upcurved ovipositor. Wart-biters normally move about by walking; they rarely fly, except when frightened. Most can only fly 3 to 4 metres at a time. The species is omnivorous. Plants eaten include knapweed, nettles, bedstraws; the species also eats insects, including other grasshoppers.

Kūnas 24-36 mm ilgio, žalias. Ant antsparnių yra rusvos dėmelės. Priešnugarėlės kylis ryškus per visą ilgį. Randamas pievose, dobilienose, ražienose. Gyvenimo būdas topks pat kaip žaliojo žiogo.

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