Ischnodemus sabuleti nymph · įvairiasparnė dirvablakė, nimfa «Ischnodemus sabuleti nymph · įvairiasparnė dirvablakė, nimfa^Thumbnails»Ischnodemus sabuleti, micropterous form · Įvairiasparnė dirvablakė

Ischnodemus sabuleti nymph · įvairiasparnė dirvablakė, nimfa

  • European chinch bug
  • Schmalwanze
  • rantavehnälude
  • įvairiasparnė dirvablakė
  • Slanklijfsapwants

Length 5 to 6 mm. There are two distinct common forms, with short wings (micropterous) and long wings (macropterous) respectively. Occasional specimens with wings of intermediate length (right, at left) are also known.

The insects require two years for their development. Overwintering adults mate from the end of May until the beginning of July. By late autumn the nymphs reach the third to fifth stage, and then hibernate. From about July of next year, the nymphs complete their development to adults. The adults are active even at quite low temperatures in the winter.

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